Donald Virts


Donald Virts is no ordinary farmer.

Donald Virts of CEA Farms is no ordinary farmer. His family has been in Loudoun County since 1767. Farming was how they made their living, but over time traditional agriculture wasn’t enough. So, Virts implemented controlled environment agriculture (CEA) which aims to produce crops in an enclosed structure, like a greenhouse.

Virts farming techniques have allowed him to use “just a fraction of the chemicals” that are typically used in traditional farming techniques. He has successfully been able to get 10 times the yield of crops by using 90% less water. However, he still struggles with variables like the weather, government restrictions, market prices, and more.

“The average age of a farmer is 58 years old,” said Virts in regard to the future of farming. His goal is to keep agriculture alive and relevant for as long as possible through innovation. This way, others will recognize the important role that agriculture plays in our society, and to always search for ways to improve it.