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Aliyah Dastour is the owner of Alimond Studio in Leesburg, Virginia. She has always been passionate about the Loudoun community, and she knew she wanted to do something to contribute. So she founded Loudoun100 - a passion project that recognized 100 people in Loudoun who were making a positive impact on the community.

Over 600 people were nominated, but the team managed to narrow it down to 100. The event was extremely successful. All 100 nominees had their stories individually recorded, placed in the Loudoun100 mini-film and the official book.

However, Aliyah still felt like it shouldn't end at 100.


What if we told the stories of even more people? 


Now the Loudoun 100 Event is held every other year and it showcases ordinary people with extraordinary stories. Aliyah has always been intrigued by people that lead a life of grace and  perseverance despite the hardships they face. Her ultimate goal is to connect all of Loudoun by starting these conversations centered around something we can all relate to - life.

Loudoun100 is the place that residents of the community can come and celebrate each other. And it's all being told through Alimond Studio's camera lens.