Lyndsey Warren Pool


Lyndsey Warren Pool is the "Idgie Threadgoode" of Beekeeping.

Lyndsey Warren Pool knew she wanted to become a beekeeper after watching Fried Green Tomatoes with her grandmother when she was 10 years old. She had always been artistic, doing photography and painting on the side. Yet, she still couldn’t yet define how it would all pan out. After teaching for Loudoun County Public Schools for several years, she finally took a chance on her dream.

Now, Lyndsey describes herself as an “Apiary Artist.” She blends her artistry with the by-products of her beehives. “It’s important for me to incorporate elements of what I get out of my hive into my artwork because it allows me not only to create but to generate discussion with people.” For her, beekeeping is more than just selling honey - it’s meditative and therapeutic.

She urges others to pay attention to the “plight of our pollinators” because 30% of our food supply comes from the help of pollinator species. Her biggest message is for others to “Bee kind.” We have to take notice of what is happening in the world, and we can’t do it when we don’t allow time for it. “Be someone who makes that change; be somebody with a voice.”