Tommy Lutman


Tommy Lutman has served Loudoun County for years.

Farming in Loudoun County is full of successes and failures. “Farming is like playing games with Mother nature,” said Tommy Lutman of Lutman Enterprises. Tommy has been providing hay for Loudoun County for years. His business provides over 100,000 bales of hay per year for the county and they continue to grow. But the motivation hasn’t always been there.

When Lutman was a teenager, the future of the farm was dismal. His father asked if he would be interested in taking over for the farm, so he took a chance. Throughout the struggle, he realized that he enjoyed his work and even passed the passion on to his sons who help him with the farm today.

“There were a bunch of us kids wanting to play on the farm years ago, but you can find hardly anybody now,” added Lutman. People are slowly stepping out of the agriculture business, but that doesn’t faze the Lutman family. It makes their business all the more special.

His youngest grandson is already riding the “mule” at the farm and showing interest in the hay business. If everything goes right, the family business will stay intact and continue to serve the people of Loudoun County one hay bale at a time.