Lisa Jones

Lisa Jones is a conduit for change in the community.

“When I went into the military, I didn’t think I was going to fight.” It was a transitional time for Lisa Jones, the creator of Sip and Shot US, after serving a tour during a desert storm in Iraq. “You were scared; a lot of our soldiers don’t want to admit that, but that’s what you feel” added Jones. When she returned to the States, she discovered that she could cope by painting and drawing. Then she experimented with culinary arts, and fused the two together with her edible shot glasses.

“I’ve actually, with these glasses, raised about $6,000 dollars for one organization.” Jones contributes to local non-profits with her glasses and has a true passion for helping those around her, because she believes it would have made a “big difference” in her life if she had more help.

“Whether you are volunteering, whether you are giving money, set some type of example.” Lisa continutes to be a conduit of change by creatively contributing her art to our community. Visit for more information about Lisa and her delicioius edible glasses!