Allie Worrall


Allie Worrall is one of a kind.

Allie has always been intrigued by nature. Her fascination for it inspired her to grab a camera and start taking pictures of the world around her. Now, at 15 years old, she has her own photography and craft-making business called Artworks.

When we met Allie, she was tasked to film an event hosted by video shoot Legacy Farms, a business that helps people with Autistic Spectrum Disorder discover job opportunities or engage in useful activities that add to their well-being. She was completely focused on getting the best shots for her client, and it was inspiring to watch her in action.

“When I create I feel powerful and I can make a difference in the world,” added Allie. Allie plans to continue helping her community through her creations. Whether she is taking pictures, recording video for an event or she is making crafts for children in third-world countries, her goal is to positively impact the people around her with her art. And while that will always be her goal, we believe she has already accomplished it.

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