Adrik Bagdasarian


Adrik Bagdasarian + Music = 2 Peas in a Pod

While everyone else was doing sports in high school, Adrik Bagdasarian was captivated by music. For him, it was a medium that helped him express himself. “It’s an outlet to reflect and overcome issues that I’ve had, breakups and anxiety that I’ve dealt with.”

While faith in yourself can propel you forward, the lack of it can also thwart your success. Adrik suggests the former, adding, “you need to be proud of yourself before other people are proud of you.”

Adrik plans to continue building his craft. He is currently studying music production at Belmont University. His goal is to make others see the value in being unique in a world that’s constantly pressured by conformity. “I want my music to inspire people to do what they feel they need to do to be themselves.”

This way, the authenticity of music is never lost, and the experiences we have on the way are simply fuel for our next song.