Sherry Doyle

Sherry Doyle is the epitome of selfless love.

“In college, I never imagined in a million years that I would have Chinese children.”

Sherry Doyle had always been interested in Chinese culture. She lived there for year to study Mandarin and fell in love with the language, the culture, and the people.

She had also always wanted to adopt children. In fact, it was a condition for her husband before they got married - “You have to be willing to adopt if you’re going to marry me because that’s on my heart.”

It just so happened that her two interests crossed paths at the perfect time.

After her friend told her about an orphanage in China, she felt called to go there and adopt a girl. At the time she was considering, she already had three biological children. She adopted her first daughter, Lilliana (6 years old), and ended up adopting her son, Paul (5 years old) also.

“I feel like God just plucked the right two kids [that were] right for my children.” Doyle believes that Lilliana and Paul were perfect additions to their family. All of the kids enjoy spending time with one another and help each other grow in ways she never expected. She has learned to embrace their struggles in the process, saying “you cannot fix what they’ve been through. You can only help them heal and walk alongside and just love them.” And that is what truly defines a family.